Our Story - The Magnolia Project
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The Magnolia Mission

To serve those women that are at the least in need of a helping hand and at worse in need of a hand, a heart and a huge dose of courage so they may stand back up and see their path for possibly the very first time. We will love them like agape’ and teach them through our life lessons and lead them like lions because we were once lost ourselves.


Meet the Founder

My name is Jennifer Teague Good and I am originally from Virginia but I have lived most of my life in Tennessee. I am a single mom of three beautiful children and two lovely dogs. Life could not be more wonderful for me but it wasn’t always like that. I have certainly had my fair share of trauma and heart break and utter rock bottom. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and have more than my fair share of family and friends that have suffered from addiction. Through this program I tell my story and allow you to tell yours and hopefully if you are willing, we can change your future story so that you can live your best life. I am not a counselor or preacher or magic maker, what I am, is a woman with a passion for my mission in life…YOU! You are my passion and my mission is to bring everything I can to the table so that you can walk away with everything you need to create the life you desire! We can do this together so let’s get started!

The Magnolia Project

Each session is specially organized and delivered to build on the other in order to ensure the women are truly able establish a foundation of knowledge and make permanent changes in their lives. We bring guest speakers in to teach and role play to give the women the opportunity to become interactive in the learning process. Our goal is to transform our participants from a focus on dealing with problems, insecurities and ignorance to place of clarity, confidence and strength. Our guest speakers are needed to bring a multidimensional, interactive facet to the program.  Currently, we are a program that draws participants from all over the area. We work specifically with females only and utilize female leaders in the area and focus on developing a lasting foundation of skills that goes beyond their typical assistance. We believe that every woman deserves the chance to change her life and we bring the skills and support they need to accomplish their goals and dreams.