Get Involved - The Magnolia Project
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The Magnolia Project is based on giving so if you are a graduate from our program or you have some skills that you want to share with others then volunteering is the way to go. We welcome all levels of volunteering and would love to hear from you. Send us an email and let us know how you would like to help.

Donate Money

Our program utilizes monetary gifts to pay for child care, purchase supplies and participation gifts for our ladies. At the end of the 13 weeks we take all qualified participants on a shopping spree to purchase professional attire for interviews and to get them started on the right foot in their new careers. We appreciate all levels of contribution and because we are affiliated with a non-profit we will gladly send you a receipt for you to use when filing taxes. Thank you for your financial support.

Donate Services

Last year HSN donated professional purses to our ladies and Rouge Salon in Johnson City, TN donated their awesome stylists to help our ladies with brand new do’s for their interviews during our mini job fair. Big thank you to all of you! If you would like to donate your services to help these wonderful and hard-working women we would love to hear from you!

Guest Speaker

One of the key ingredients that makes our program so successful is bringing in awesome female leaders from our area to speak about a topic that is close to their hearts. Everyone that has been a speaker so far has really benefited from the experience and many ask to speak again. It is such a huge blessing to connect with each other through our stories of triumph in the face of adversity and we would absolutely love to hear from you if you feel called to share your experiences with our participants! Feel free to email or reach out on Facebook to request a session to come and speak. We look forward to hearing from you!!